Keeper, the app to stay safe.

The application aims to propose safe routes by taking into account factors such as crime statistics, street lights, the presence of surveillance cameras, and other relevant information.

Furthermore, it utilizes the sensors present in the iPhone to monitor that everything is going smoothly during the journey through notifications.

The keeper is the person who, once they accept your “accompaniment” request, will be notified in case of:

• Dangerous zone: The app sends a notification when you are in areas considered dangerous or at high risk of crime. This could include alerts about recent incidents or suspicious activities reported in the vicinity.

• Non-response or inactivity: The user is requested to confirm their safety status within a certain period of time. If no response is received or a lack of activity is detected, the app can trigger an emergency alert or send notifications to emergency contacts.

• Route deviations: If you deviate from a predefined area, the app will send an alert.

• Speed increase: In case of a sudden increase in speed, attributed to running.

• Fall detection: If the phone suddenly falls and remains stationary in a position, an immediate notification is sent.

• Phone turned off: The notification still arrives when it reaches the destination.

• Arrival at destination.

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