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Data Visulalisation

Visual representation of the subbing fan process studied in a sociological key While rippers break down the time barrier of television distribution, fansubbers help

Airbnb Journey Map

At the center is the user, the creation of the Personas anticipates the creation of the Customer Journey Map. The first focuses on the

Type Design

Inspired by the song Potato Salad I realized this complete font. The piano in the base gave rise to the thick and rectangular shapes

Silvia Bertocchi – Artist Book

Silvia Bertocchi Artist Book Artist’s book for Silvia Bertocchi’s exhibition at ME Milan Il Duca Milan “the essence of my childhood dreams – what is

Wao Hub

Graphic Design Illustration Creative Direction Content Creation Merchandise Me x Wao Me x Wao Me x Wao Me x Wao Me x Wao Me


Things I can’t explain Things I can’t explain Things I can’t explain Things I can’t explain Things I can’t explain Things I can’t explain

Eye illusion

Graphic Design Editorial Art Direction Creative Direction Image Editing Starting from microscope enlargements of parts of human eyes.. …and following by combining knowledge on

Social Media Management

Why is social media important for business, though?  Social media is important because it offers companies like yours a way to connect one-on-one with

To the Moon

Graphic Design Creative Direction Data Visualization The moon is attributed infinite meanings and research, the moon is found in science, in history in mythological beliefs,
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